This mahine has infinitely adjustable softness (give)

To be controlled by the control screw on the top of the machine

It can be controlled by your fingers or by a hex (allen) key

Soft or hard hitting or anywhere between short, medium or long stroke all with the same machine

For harder hitting (Lining or color packing), turn the control screw clockwise

This machine is capable of hitting very softly compared to the best conventional coil shading machines

Ships with a pre-installed medium stroke excenter (3.5mm – 4.4mm stroke)

Improved tube vice locking system for the grips

Adjust the speed by the power supply to 3.000 ~ 10.000 stitches per minute

Low vibration, low noise, easy handing and flexibiltiy, no tuning, no trouble

Color: Purple

Weight: Approx. 186g


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Rotary Purplerain

Rotary Purplerain

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