Materials:Stainless steel
Vol tage/Frequency:220V-240V 50Hz
Internal Volume:1.5L
Size:approx 31*18*12cm
Tray Size:approx24 × 11.5 × 2 cm

Feature: It is a dry heat sterilizer (White color). It is well-known that high temperature can kill the bacteria and viruses attached to article. Title maximum temperature is 200 Celsius degree (392 fahrenheit), this device is widely used in hospital, chemical, food, catering services, and sterilizer the good, eating, utensils, etc. It is also suitable to hair beauty instruments and small articles such as glass, metal vessel, beauty tools, etc. It has a timer until 120 minutes.

Working therapy:
High temperature sterilizer up to 50-300℃Max
Sterilization Temperature 160℃ 320℉
Automatic Timer control

1 427,32kr
Heat sterilizer

Heat sterilizer

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