One can use protective film as protection against mechanical irritation of dry, originally healing wounds, which are present in epithelialisation phase – such as fresh tattoo.

In the first few hours after finishing the tattoo, the skin should be to nurtured traditionally, that is, using creams or Vaseline and foil. After that time, the tattooed place should be washed by lukewarm soapy water, then you have to dry it thoroughly and apply the dressing. We wear protective dressing for 3 – 4 consecutive days without the need for cumbersome change of the film and related operations.
(If we have applied Tattoo Eazer Finish Silver or EGP System, Protective Film dressing may be applied after a few minutes).


A transparent adhesive dressing with a polyurethane film;

It provides an effective barrier against bacteria and protects the wound against secondary infection;

Permeable for water vapor and oxygen, so does not interfere with the skin breathability;

Perfectly fits the shape of the body;

It enables continuous control of the state of the wound and its surroundings without removing the dressing;

The dressing may be painlessly removed with water, while not irritating the newly formed skin;

It is waterproof, which enables daily body hygiene;

Freely trimmed pieces can be combined with each other, thus helping to protect the tattoo regardless of the size and shape;


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