Suprasorb® F Film Wound Dressing

Suprasorb F provides transparent protection. The polyurethane film is breathable and flexible, creating a wound environment which promotes wound healing through gas and heat exchange. Suprasorb F repels fluids and protects the wound or puncture site from bacterial colonisation from the outside.

Its transparency makes it easier to inspect wounds and puncture sites. Suprasorb F is flexible, elastic and tear-resistant and very easy to use. Suprasorb F can be wiped clean with disinfectants (containing alcohol, iodine and octenidine). This wound dressing provides reliable protection against outside influences and is not affected by washing or showering. Suprasorb F is available as a non-sterile film dressing, on a roll.

  1. transparent polyurethane film
  2. bacteria-proof and waterproof
  3. excessive water vapour evaporates

Suprasorb F tarjoaa läpinäkyvän suojan tatuoinnille.
Vesitiivis ja hengittävä suoja joka auttaa tatuoinnin paranemisessa.


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