The AL 13 Zen is the re-make of a classic, but with an incredibly light weight 4.5 oz
This machine is very versatile and perfect for lining and shading in the same way that his is the first AL13 with 1.5 coil system, which can be configured as a liner or shader with reduction system.
The Zen pushes with the same power anything from a single needle to a 50 magnum.
Although this machine has a considerable strength will allow you to work more steps without causing excessive trauma, thanks to the way in which we tune each machine.

It is 4.5 oz weight makes it ideal for long sessions.
For the first time we have introduced the hardest grade of aluminum for all AL13 models 7075-T6 – aircraft quality aluminum, which is strong and durable as steel, but at the same time incredibly light weight.
One of the main advantages is that this configuration moves the weight of the machine towards your wrist making your tattooing session even more comfortable than ever without that annoying pullback force.

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